SSAT in person Session III Overview

SSAT in person Session III Course Benefits

✨In Person classes meet on Tuesdays and Fridays at Mater Dei School from 4pm - 5:30pm. This class is open to both Mater Dei students and students from other school as well. Note the slightly different start time vs. Sessions I and II.

✨Seven in person classes for 1.5hrs each session

✨All classes meet at Mater Dei School, Bethesda, MD 20817 in the 8A homeroom

✨Class includes full access to all online materials and resources, including three practice tests

✨Traditional textbook approach and vocabulary program are essential parts of the curriculum
✨Digital access to the course continues through the calendar year and beyond.

Cost of the Course

About The Instructor

John Dugan, a career educator, has over two decades of teaching and tutoring experience. For over fifteen years, he has taught SSAT and HSPT prep classes in person to hundreds of students in the Washington, DC area with great success. He is now bringing the best of the classroom to you online.

John is a committed educator and school leader. He is excited to bring his courses to those who need them. While there are many options available to you for such courses, John believes that his approach is rooted in the fundamentals of good teaching and learning and not in simply teaching the students “tricks.”

John feels blessed to have had the experiences that he has had. He has worked with the administrative team at Mater Dei, becoming assistant headmaster in 2015, but he has still been able to continue teaching, coaching, and advising the 8th graders as they prepare to enter high school. He has enjoyed increasing his knowledge of “Ed tech” and working with his SSAT and HSPT students.

Robert Williams

This course's focus on flashcards was incredibly beneficial. It made studying less stressful and more engaging. Learning to create my own flashcards helped reinforce key concepts, improving my vocabulary and math skills. I felt much more confident and prepared for the SSAT, thanks to this effective study method.


Elizabeth Susan

I never realized how effective flashcards could be until this course. The lessons on using and creating flashcards were fantastic. It made studying for the SSAT engaging and personalized. My vocabulary and math skills saw a noticeable improvement, and I felt well-prepared for the exam.


Linda Mary

This course was incredibly helpful for my SSAT preparation. The flashcards made memorizing and retaining information so much easier. Creating custom flashcards allowed me to focus on my weak areas, boosting both my vocabulary and math skills. My confidence and performance improved significantly.