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Be Confident on Exam Day

  • Sharpen your test-taking skills with 3 full-length practice tests--each of which features all five subtests that make up the HSPT (Verbal Skills, Quantitative Skills, Reading, Mathematics, and Language)
  • Deepen your understanding by reviewing each test’s detailed answer explanations with expert advice and use the scoring rubrics to check your learning progress
  • Strengthen your knowledge with in-depth review covering all topics on the HSPT exam along with key strategies for success on each subtest
  • Reinforce your learning with hundreds of practice questions covering all tested topics, accompanied by detailed answers and explanations

Gain confidence with individual exam subtests in each chapter, clear examples and solutions, a Vocabulary chapter that helps enhance Verbal and Reading skills, and much more.

Online HSPT Course Benefits

This course will review all aspects of the HSPT test, beginning at the most basic level and then progressing through to the more difficult aspects of the test.
The HSPT Fall online class Fundamentals Course will meet online for ten sessions beginning on or about September 15th.
The HSPT Fall online class Fundamentals Course will meet online for ten sessions beginning on or about September 19th. Course start time is typically 7pm on Thursday.
The HSPT Fall online class meets on Thursdays in the fall and runs through Thanksgiving, preparing the students to take the test in late November / early December.
In addition to the Zooms, students will have access to a recorded library of videos for “hot button” questions and explanations of harder problems. 

What Our Student Have To Say About Our HSPT Course

Mr. Dugan’s HSPT class was a key reason why I was able to be accepted into Gonzaga. Before enrolling in his course, I was nervous and clueless about how to prepare for the HSPT. Thankfully, I chose to sign up for Mr. Dugan’s HSPT course. From the very first lesson, it was clear that Mr. Dugan was committed to helping each student succeed. His structured approach and comprehensive curriculum provided me with the tools and confidence I needed to tackle the exam. The techniques and strategies I learned in Mr. Dugan’s class were invaluable. Not only did they help me achieve a high score on the HSPT, but they also enhanced my overall test-taking abilities throughout high school. His lessons on time management, critical thinking, and problem-solving have been particularly beneficial, enabling me to perform well on various standardized tests and classroom exams. I am incredibly grateful for the skills and knowledge I gained from his class, which have continued to benefit me long after the test was over."

Rex Stinchcomb 25

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Our Testimonial

D.D. Holmes

Gonzaga Class of 2024

Florida State

I can't thank Mr. Dugan enough for his HSPT prep class. He provided enough for the incredible support and guidance throughout the program. Before enrolling, I felt overwhelmed and uncertain about my test preparation. However, the highly knowledgeable instructors broke down concepts, provided invaluable study materials, and offered personalized strategies that boosted my confidence. Thanks to his dedication and expertise, I not only passed the test but exceeded my own expectations. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to go above and beyond on the HSPT.


Edith Deborah

Creating and using flashcards was a turning point in my SSAT prep. The interactive approach made memorization easy and fun. I saw noticeable improvements in my vocabulary and math skills, which boosted my overall performance. This course's innovative techniques were instrumental in my SSAT success.


David McMorris ‘24

Without the help of Mr. Dugan’s HSPT prep class, I don't know what I would’ve done the day of the HSPT. Not only did the class help me understand the material but it helped me gain confidence within myself to do well on the test. On the day of my HSPT, I wasn’t only ready but eager to take the test and I can only thank Dugan’s HSPT prep class for helping me along the way.

University of Pennsylvania 


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